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ChartDirector Ver 3.0 Released
Date: Apr-08-2003 09:20
Advanced Software Engineering is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ChartDirector Ver 3.0 for ASP/COM/VB, .NET, PHP, Perl and Python on Windows platform. ChartDirector for C++ and for other platforms will be available shortly.

ChartDirector Ver 3.0 introduces many new chart styles, including box-whisker, bubble, polar/radar, multi-charts, spline, step line, inter-line filling, percentage bar, percentage area, etc. Existing chart styles are also enhanced.

One of the break-through features introduced in ChartDirector Ver 3.0 is the ChartDirector Mark Up Language (CDML). Like HTML, CDML uses tags to provide sophisticated text formatting. It allows texts and labels to be richly formatted with multiple fonts, colors and blocks, and with icons and images embedded.

Other new features include full anti-alias support, general x-y axis swapping and direction reversal support, true-date axis, user-defined fields for labels and image maps, plot area clipping, data manipulation functions, etc. A full list of new features is available at