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ChartDirector goes 64-bit
Date: Jan-23-2006 17:26
Advanced Software Engineering is pleased to announce the formal release of ChartDirector for PHP, Perl, Python and C++ on x86-64 platforms on Linux.

Previously, ChartDirector for JSP/Java and ChartDirector for .NET can run on 64-bit platforms. Other editions of ChartDirector could also run on 64-bit platforms but in 32-bit compatibility mode. That means whereas they worked normally, they could not take full advantage of the 64-bit platforms.

To meet market demands, ChartDirector has been extended to run natively as 64-bit applications on x86-64 platforms on Linux. ChartDirector can now link directly with 64-bit applications, and can be loaded as modules or extensions of 64-bit scripting language interpreters.