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ChartDirector for .NET 7.1 Released
Date: Jun-03-2023 01:41
Advanced Software Engineering is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ChartDirector for .NET 7.1.

ChartDirector for .NET 7.1 extends cross platform support to .NET 7 or later.

ChartDirector 7.0 supports cross platform usage up to .NET 6. In .NET 7, Microsoft discontinued the .NET graphics library System.Drawing.Common for non-Windows usage. As ChartDirector 7.0 depends on that library, it can no longer support non-Windows usage on .NET 7.

The ChartDirector 7.1 NuGet package now includes a ChartDirector edition that uses an alternative graphics library SkiaSharp distributed by Microsoft. For cross platform projects that target .NET 5 or later, Visual Studio will automatically use the SkiaSharp ChartDirector. There is no change for projects that are Windows only or target earlier .NET versions.

More details can be found in the ChartDirector 7.1 release notes at: