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Common Problems FAQ
Date: Jul-26-2002 03:52
1. I use ChartDirector to produce a chart in a web page. However, instead of a chart, just a place holder with a red "X" is shown. How can I debug the problem?

If you are embedding a chart in a web page using an <IMG> tag, you may try to point your browser directly to the chart image URL. In this case, if there is an error you can see the error message in your browser.

2. I use ChartDirector to generate charts, but my browser receives garbage characters.

It is probably because your script is trying to output some HTML, and then the chart image.

Instead, your script should output HTML and an <IMG> tag. The <IMG> tag can then reference the script that generates the chart image.

As according to HTML standard, it is impossible to mix an image stream directly with HTML. The <IMG> is required to embed images in HTML.

3. My ChartDirector script does not work when I add some HTML to it.

You cannot mix any image with HTML. Instead, you should put an <IMG> in your HTML code. The <IMG> can then reference the script that generates your chart. This will embed your chart into your HTML document.

4. When I view the sample scripts directly using my browser, it asks me to download a file instead.

The sample scripts output the chart in PNG format to the browser. Some old browsers requires using the <IMG> tag to view a PNG image.

So to view the sample scripts, you need to create a web page with an <IMG> tag such as <IMG SRC="simplebar.asp">, where "simplebar.asp" is the script you try to view.

If you really want to view the image by itself without using <IMG>, modify the scripts to use the GIF output format instead.

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