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  Real-Time Chart Application - Fast Ping
Posted by Cho on May-14-2018 15:28
Hi Peter,

I recently found "Real-Time Chart Application - Fast Ping" in Chart Gallery.
Where can I download the source code?


  Re: Real-Time Chart Application - Fast Ping
Posted by Peter Kwan on May-15-2018 00:51
Hi Cho,

The "Fast Ping" is an application written by our customer. We put it in the gallery just to provide an example of a real application written with ChartDirector. As the application is written by our customer, we do not have the source code.

As far as I know, the application is written based on the "Multi-threading Real-Time Chart" sample code in our library:

Our client simply modified the code by replacing the "random number generator" in the sample code with a "ping" driver. He also modifies the chart style to have the y-axis labels inside the plot area and to make the chart resize with the window like in the "Real-Time Sweep Chart" sample code in the above library page.

For your own application, may be you can start with the "Multi-threading Real-Time Chart" by using your own data acquisition method to replace the random number generator. After it is working, you can change the chart style to fit your own needs.

Peter Kwan