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  Change TrendLayer color based on getSlope
Posted by Kevin on Jun-19-2018 23:09
Is there any way to programmatically set the TrendLayer line color?
If its positive I want it green, if negative red

I am struggling to understand how to evaluate the slope using getSlope / at what point I can evaluate it.

I have ( VB code )

Dim trend As TrendLayer = c.addTrendLayer(trendtable.getCol(1), &H72AB32)
Dim TrendSlope As Double = trend.getSlope
If TrendSlope < 0 Then
                        can i set the color here ??
End If

Or is there some way I can call getSlope before I call addTrendLayer ?

Any help very much appreciated

  Re: Change TrendLayer color based on getSlope
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jun-20-2018 02:31
Hi Kevin,

You can use the following code to change the line color after the TrendLayer has already been created:


Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan