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  Windows Remote Desktop
Posted by Philip on Jan-12-2021 01:11
Hi Peter,

Having great success with your software!!!

Got a new requirement that the software I'm developing can be viewed with Microsoft's Remote Desktop.

Did a quick Google search of "WPF" and "Remote Desktop" since your library works with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). It appears that in the past (7 - 10 years) there have been problems between WPF and remote desktop. Hopefully these problems have been fixed.

Are you aware of any issues with your library and remote desktop?


  Re: Windows Remote Desktop
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jan-12-2021 19:10
Hi Philip.

I am not aware of any issue with ChartDirector and remote desktop.

I have just tried with ChartDirector for .NET. I tried both the WPF sample code for .NET Framework, and that for .NET Core/.NET 5), and both works with remote desktop.

My remote desktop is a from one Windows 10 machine to another Windows 10 machine.

Peter Kwan