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  silent install
Posted by Manuel Ortiz on Feb-19-2021 02:08
Hi, How can I perform a silent installation of CharDirector for ASP/COM/VB? I try many ways but no lucky

  Re: silent install
Posted by Peter Kwan on Feb-20-2021 22:43
Hi Manuel,

In the Installation section of the ChartDirector documentation, there is a section called "Installing ChartDirector without Using the Installer". Basically, you can install ChartDirector by copying several DLLs to the target machine and then register the DLLs. The exact DLLs depend on whether you are using ChartDirector with VB6 for a desktop application, or if you are using it in ASP/VBScript for a web application.


The installer that comes with ChartDirector for ASP/COM/VB basically does the same thing as mentioned in the above documentation - it copies all the DLLs to machine and use "regdll" to register them. Some additional things the installer does is to ask the user for the directory to install ChartDirector to, and to modify some registry records so that it can be uninstall later using Add/Remove Programs in the the Windows Control Panel.

Peter Kwan