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  force index
Posted by pisikesipelgas on Jul-07-2022 21:55

Is it possible to include or add or implement "force index"  and it's EMA to ChartDirector?

Please see this link for more detailed information about force index:

Thanks and regards

  Re: force index
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jul-08-2022 03:28
Hi pisikesipelgas,

Yes, you can compute the indicator with your own code, and then ask ChartDirector to include it in the FinanceChart as a technical indicator using FinanceChart.addLineIndicator. See:

From the information provided by you, the basic Force Index (1) should be easy to compute. You may use the ChartDirector ArrayMath utility to compute the EMA. See:

From your previous message, it seems you are using PHP. The FinanceChart is released in source code as "FinanceChart.php". You can examine it to find a lot of examples on how we compute and plot various indicators.

Best Regards
Peter Kwan

  Re: force index
Posted by pisikesipelgas on Jul-08-2022 11:47

I give a try. Thank You for the good tips.

  Re: force index
Posted by pisikesipelgas on Jul-10-2022 21:07
Hi Peter,
I think i managed to implement this Force index i was interested.
How can i contribute this piece of code so it can  be merged to FinanceChart.php? Or it does not matter to you?