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  xAxis().addZone(Date, Date, int) ??
Posted by Mark Fenbers on Nov-01-2018 00:36

I'm using Java and CD6.0.1 on RHEL7.  I want to add a vertical zone to my horizontal axis.  My X-Axis is defined by Date objects, i.e., layer.setXData(Date[]) and xy.xAxis().setDateScale(Date, Date), but there is no addZone() variant that takes a pair of Date arguments, only doubles.

So how do I place a vertical zone on my graph if my xAxis is defined by Dates?

  Re: xAxis().addZone(Date, Date, int) ??
Posted by Peter Kwan on Nov-01-2018 23:28
Hi Mark,

In ChartDirector, if you need to use "Date", but the API only supports "double", you can convert "Date" to "double" using Chart.CTime. For example:

c.xAxis().addZone(Chart.CTime(date1), Chart.CTime(date2), ...);

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan