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  Strange message when compiling in IntelliJ Idea
Posted by Michael Opitz on Nov-02-2018 19:47
Hi Peter,

I just migrated to ChartDirector 6.0 java. Everything works fine, if I build my project using ant, but when I build my project using IntelliJ Idea with javac, I get a strange error message and the build fails:

Error:java:$CompletionFailure: class file for ChartDirector.BaseChart$TitleTextBox not found

There is no such thing like TitleTextBox.

The build succeeds, if I use the eclipse option for java compiler.

Do you have a clue, what this could be?


  Re: Strange message when compiling in IntelliJ Idea
Posted by Peter Kwan on Nov-03-2018 02:55
Hi Michael,

I have just tried to download the latest IntelliJ Idea Community Edition (2018.2.5), and use Oracle Java 1.8.0_144 as the SDK, and try the "simplebar" sample code, and it works normally in my case.

Would you mind to clarify which IntelliJ Idea version you are using, and more importantly, which Java SDK (version and brand) you are using? Are you using Oracle Java or another brand of Java? I am suspecting this might be a bug in the Java compiler.

The BaseChart.TitleTextBox is a private class in the ChartDirector source code. As it is private, so Java symbols and attributes used for debugging are removed or simplified in the "release" build. I suspect this causes a certain Java compiler version to crash.

If you cannot use another Java version for testing, I can try to recompile our code by changing TitleTextBox from a nest class to a regular class. Our code uses private classes all the time, and one of the special feature of TitleTextBox is that it is a nested class, and this might trigger the compiler to crash.

Peter Kwan