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  Decimal data types in setData
Posted by Maurizio Porro on Dec-14-2018 07:33
in a candlestick chart when I use

c.setData(timeStamps, highData, lowData, openData, closeData, volData, extraDays)

to manage real data parsed from a csv file from Yahoo Finance, I saw the type of data available for open, high, low, close are double[].
But how I can manage the data if they are decimal (1.34 ecc. ecc.) ??
I mean

double[] timeStamps = new double[noOfDays + 1];
decimal[] highData = new decimal[noOfDays + 1];
decimal[] lowData = new decimal[noOfDays + 1];
decimal[] openData = new decimal[noOfDays + 1];
decimal[] closeData = new decimal[noOfDays + 1];
double[] volData = new double[noOfDays + 1];

Thank you for the support.

  Re: Decimal data types in setData
Posted by Peter Kwan on Dec-14-2018 15:39
Hi Maurizio,

From my understanding, a CSV file is a text file, so all the data are text strings. A text string can look like a number in human language, but a text string is not a number in programming language. For example, in C#, a text string in C# is of type "string", while a number can be of type "int", "double", etc..

To plot a chart, numbers are needed. You can parse the text strings into numbers using the methods of your programming language. For example, in C#, you can use Double.Parse or Double.TryParse to convert the text string into a number. See:

In Java, you can use Double.parseDouble

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan