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  Right alignment issue in PDF
Posted by David Wilson on Jan-04-2019 23:09
Many thanks for your help in the past.

CD 6.3 does indeed fix the right alignment bug in SVG, but not in PDF.

I was happy to see that CD 6.3 supports PDF. It was quite easy to integrate PDF into our application, and I generated a few PDF charts with our application. They generally looked quite good. The right alignment bug was the only issue I saw.

To explain my interest in PDF: our various clients demand charts in Windows office documents and PDF.  To create charts in these formats, we have been using the following processes:

CD 5.0 -> SVG -> EMF -> MS Office
CD 5.0 -> SVG -> EMF -> MS Office -> PDF

There are several issues with these processes:

- They are onerous, involving several conversion steps.
- The tie us to the obsolescent EMF vector image format.
- We use an obsolescent tool to convert SVG to EMF.  This tool does not understand the SVG "TextLength" attribute, so right alignment gets lost in the conversion from SVG to EMF.

With Windows 10 office tools (Office 360) supporting SVG, and CD 6.3 supporting PDF, we would like to simplify these processes to:

CD 6.3 -> SVG -> Office 360
CD 6.3 -> PDF

In regard to the latter process, it would be nice to address any PDF issues.

Again, thank you for your kind and prompt help with issue in the past.  It is a pleasure to use your product.

- Dave Wilson.

  Re: Right alignment issue in PDF
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jan-07-2019 22:59
Hi David,

There is an undocumented "PreciseHint" flag that can make the PDF looking the same as the PNG. See:

We have also updated a new ChartDirector DLL to our web site that can make the PDF and PNG consistent without requiring the "PreciseHint" flag. Note that the text in this new DLL will look slightly different and have slight different lengths from the current ChartDirector version.

(The above download includes the updated DLL and shared objects for Win32, Win64, Linux 32-bit and Linux 64-bit.)

Peter Kwan

  Re: Right alignment issue in PDF
Posted by David Wilson on Jan-08-2019 22:28
I smoke tested the updated library in our application, and it fixes the right alignment issues we were seeing in the vector graphics files (SVG, PDF, on Windows 7 64-bit).  I will keep you notified of any other issues we encounter.

Many thanks for a fine product and great support.

- Dave Wilson