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  AddMark with multiple datasets
Posted by Wes G on Feb-19-2019 12:45

layer = chart.addBarLayer2()

# loop

Now, I want to highlight certain values in the dataset, but as far as I can tell

... only applies to the index of the dataset. I thought something like:

... would slide the mark, but it appears that only affects the label.

Is there a way to access the actual mark line object to move it?
Or a better way to set the value of the mark when using multiple data sets?

I tried to reduce this down to the minimal example case, but if you need more code or clarification let me know.

  Re: AddMark with multiple datasets
Posted by Peter Kwan on Feb-19-2019 21:04
Hi Wes,

There are many methods to "highlight" things in ChartDirector. If you would like to use the mark, you can move the mark by adding the mark using a different value.

For example;

#Add a mark at the 4th label position

#Add a mark between the 3rd and the 4th label position.

Note that the mark position does not need to be an integer. It can be a non-integer to specify a position in between the labels.

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan

  Re: AddMark with multiple datasets
Posted by Wes G on Feb-20-2019 03:26
That is much simpler than what I was trying and I didn't realize float were a possible input.

I calculated the offset based on the dataset count and applied it in setMark(); works as expected!