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  PNG graph doesn't display with IE11
Posted by JosephChiu on Mar-05-2019 05:09
The PNG graph generated by ChartDirector doesn't display with IE 11.Meanwhile, it works fine with Chrome and Firefoex and previous IE versions (ex. IE 8). Is there any setting in IE11 needs to be changed?

  Re: PNG graph doesn't display with IE11
Posted by Peter Kwan on Mar-05-2019 14:19
Hi JosephChiu,

Are you using ChartDirector for PHP downloaded in 2017 or earlier?

We are only aware of a bug in ChartDirector for PHP that can cause PNG to be displayed incorrectly in certain cases. This issue has already been fixed in Oct 2017.

The PNG generated is correct but if the PNG is delivered with HTTP using "getchart.php", the MIME type soecified in the HTTP header is incorrect. The MIME type is to tell the browser what type of image it is. If the image URL is referenced using an <IMG> tag (which is the most common case in web pages), most browsers will ignore the MIME type and just auto-detects the image type. That's why it does not normally cause issues.

However, if the image is delivered with other means not in an <IMG> tag (such as direct viewing the URL on the browser), it is possible some browsers may not know how to handle it. It is also possible some browser versions may not know how to handle it even with the <IMG> tag.

If you are using ChartDirector for PHP, please check the "getchart.php". The file date should be later than Oct 27, 2017. If you have older version, please download the latest version of ChartDirector for PHP from our web site, then extract the "ChartDirector/phpdemo/getchart.php" inside, and replace the "getchart.php" you are using.

If you are not using ChartDirector for PHP, please try the "Simple Bar Chart" sample code that comes with ChartDirector. Does it work in IE11?

If the sample code works, but in your actual code, it does not work, is it possible to try to use the method below to save the image in a file. (Even if the image is "broken", it is possible to save it in a file.)

Please save a copy using IE11 and a copy using Chrome. Please upload it to your next message. I will analyze them and try to see if it works in my browser.

If you web site is accessible from the Internet, you can also provide me of a URL that can illustrate the problem. I can analyze the HTTP header and the image content to diagnose the problem.

Peter Kwan