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  Finance Chart - Indicator values are truncated
Posted by John Best on Mar-07-2019 03:02
Hi Peter,

I am using Finance Chart to plot the chart, with the code given below,


        Set c = cd.FinanceChart(1200)
        Call c.addTitle(title)
        Call c.SetData(dt, hi, lo, op, cl, vo, ePts)
        Set mc = c.addMainChart(240)
        Call c.addCandleStick(&H8000, &HCC0000)
        Call c.addVolBars(70, &HFF&, &HFF8080, &HFF00FF)
        Call c.addBarIndicator(70, oi, &H8000, "Open Intt.")


Everything is working fine, as expected. The only problem is with Bar Indicator which is plotting Open Intt. I have attached the image. why the values (at the right side, marked with red color) are truncated? What changes do I need to do?