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  Heat map color scale
Posted by Michael on Mar-08-2019 19:37
By default, the Heat Map with continuous contour coloring auto-scales the "cold (blue)" and "hot (red)" limits of the color scale to match the lowest and highest values of the data values in the chart.  Is it possible to set the cold and hot ends of the color scale to fixed values?  In other words, to use the default color sequence but to set "blue = 0" and "Red = 100" even if the data only span 10-20?  Like cAxis.setColorScale() but using the default color scale?

  Re: Heat map color scale
Posted by Peter Kwan on Mar-09-2019 01:41
Hi Michael,

Yes, you can use Axis.setLinearScale to set the scale only without affecting the colors. For example (in C#/Java syntax):

myContourLayer.colorAxis().setLinearScale(0, 100, 10);

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan

  Re: Heat map color scale
Posted by Michael on Mar-09-2019 06:34
Wonderful, thank you for the simple answer!