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  .svg of scatter plot crashes in CorelDraw
Posted by Fredrik Nyberg on Apr-09-2019 21:04

One of our users reported that if he exports a scatter plot as .svg and then tries to open it in CorelDraw the program crashes. It seems to open fine i e.g. Inkscape. Also, some other .svg plots constructed with chartdirector, e.g. Venn diagrams, do not crash CorelDraw.

Is this a known issue? Or any ideas?


  Re: .svg of scatter plot crashes in CorelDraw
Posted by Peter Kwan on Apr-10-2019 02:49
Hi Fredrik,

For testing, please open the SVG in IE, Chrome, FireBox, Safari (macOS)  (you can just drag the SVG files and drop into the browser).

If the SVG works in all the browsers, it is likely to be an issue in CorelDraw. From experience, it is not unusual for graphics editors have troubles handling machine generated SVG, which can be more complicated and uses SVG features not typically for interactive drawing.

May be the user can try to open the SVG in Inkscape, change it (eg. add a rectangle), then save it. The modified SVG is now created by Inkscape, and we can try if CorelDraw can open it.

Peter Kwan

  Re: .svg of scatter plot crashes in CorelDraw
Posted by Fredrik Nyberg on Apr-11-2019 21:41
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the help! The svg reportedly opened ok in all the browsers. Modifying it in Inkscape and saving avoided the crash in CorelDraw, but resulted in strange artifacts. But I guess your assumption that it is an issue with DorelDraw is correct, and the user will need to try other editors to accomplish what he wants. Perhaps using Inkscape instead.