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  Bubble scale symbol-help needed.
Posted by Frank on Apr-19-2019 22:36
Hello Peter,

Thank you for helping us out.

We need to scale the symbol a little bigger. How can we use the mul-function (ArrayMath.mul(1.2)) in our example below?

Set layer1 = c.addScatterLayer(dataX1, dataY1, "", cd.CircleSymbol, 9, &H0080FF, &H803333ff)
Call layer1.setSymbolScale(dataZ1)
Call layer1.setDataLabelFormat("{z}%")
Call layer1.setDataLabelStyle("arialbd.ttf", 36, &H595353)

Kind regards,


  Re: Bubble scale symbol-help needed.
Posted by Peter Kwan on Apr-19-2019 23:51
Hi Frank,

It is ls like:

Call layer1.setSymbolScale(cd.ArrayMath(dataZ1).mul(1.2).result())

Note that "{z}%" will refer to z values that are actually passed to the setSymbolScale, which is the magnified z. If you want to display the original "z", which are not the z values passed to setSymbolScale, you can use an extra field. It is like:

' Add an extra field using the original z values, and set use it as the data label.
Call layer1.addExtraField(dataZ1)
Call layer1.setDataLabelFormat("{field0}%")

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan

  Re: Bubble scale symbol-help needed.
Posted by Frank on Apr-20-2019 07:08
Dear Peter,

Thank you very much, it works fine.

Kind regards,