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  put transparent surface on Scattered Data Contour Chart
Posted by wander Chagas on May-25-2019 02:23
I'm starting in CharDirector and I have a lot of questions about your applications.

I would like to insert with a bubble graph, a series of points to be interpolated in the shape of curves (contour graphics), but I did not want to fill it because I will have the marks and symbols that should appear.

how do I make this setting for C #

I am using as base the code of the example ... "Bubble XY Scaling" and inserted a series with the code:
// Add a contour layer using the given data
             ContourLayer layer = c.addContourLayer (dataX, dataY, dataZ);

  Re: put transparent surface on Scattered Data Contour Chart
Posted by Peter Kwan on May-25-2019 23:25
Hi Wander,

If you want create a curve to join the points, please use a spline layer (addSplineLayer). If you want to interpolate a surface given some points inside the surface, you can use a contour layer. ChartDirector can fill the surface and include contour lines on the surface. If you do not want to fill the surface, but want the contour lines, you can set the fill color to transparent.

You may refer to the following for an example of a contour layer with a number of points inside:

You can set the fill color to transparent, in which case only the contour curves remain. Note that the contour curves may not pass through the data points. The region of the contour layer is the maximum possible polygon formed using all or some of the data points as the vertices.

To set the contour fill color to transparent, use:

// layer is the ContourLayer object
layer.colorAxis().setColorGradient(false, new int[] { Chart.Transparent, Chart.Transparent });

If the above is not what you need, is it possible to provide an example chart image to help me understand what you need?

Peter Kwan