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  PHP 7.2.10 solaris 64bit
Posted by Jacob on Aug-09-2019 03:29
Hey I was wondering if you guys could put out a 64-bit PHP download for chart director for Solaris (x84). The current one is 32-bit, and we're trying to upgrade our OS to a 64-bit version of Solaris, and this would help us out a ton. Thanks.

  Re: PHP 7.2.10 solaris 64bit
Posted by Peter Kwan on Aug-12-2019 05:22

I am not aware of the official Solaris distribution include PHP 7.2, so I assume it is compile by yourself or is from somewhere else. Like many open source software, PHP 7.2 can be compiled in many binary incompatible ways. I have just compiled one for the non-debug, non-zend-thread-safe (non-zts) PHP, which is the default PHP built (PHP built with all options set to default) and is most common type of PHP for production usage.

("Non-zend-thread-safe" sounds like it is not "safe", but in fact it is the more reliable PHP. The "Zend" company creates the PHP engine and makes it thread-safe. However, PHP also includes a large amount of third party code not written or maintained by Zend, such as the various database drivers and a large number of extensions. The thread-safety of these third party code is unknown or unproven, so most PHP is compiled to disable multi-threading. If you look at production PHP web servers nowadays, virtually all of them are non-zts PHP.)

You can download the Solaris x64 and phpchartdir720.dll from:

Please use the above files to replace the files of the same name in the ChartDIrector for Solaris x86 distribution.

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan

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