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  3D objects
Posted by David Linenberg on Aug-10-2019 21:17

With your proposed 3D Objects, will the ability to render3D objects like cylinders or cubes or arbitrary shapes be supported? Will they have hotspots (clickable)?  Is this a feature coming sometime in the future? If so, is there an expected availability date ?

David Linenberg

  Re: 3D objects
Posted by Peter Kwan on Aug-11-2019 18:35
Hi David,

Unluckily, ChartDirector only support 3D surface chart and 3D scatter chart. It cannot render other "truly 3D objects". It can render some objects with "3D like" effects, such as polygonal bars and cylinder bars in certain orientation: :

A truly 3D object refer to an object that can be viewed at multiple angles, with prespective effect and 3D lighting effect. The 3D system should be able to determine which parts of an object hide another object. Because 3D objects can be mutually block each others, or even self blocking, it can be impossible to draw multiple objects correctly by drawing them in any order. Some other form of rendering is needed, which is not currently supported in ChartDirector.

Peter Kwan