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  finance chart indicator header
Posted by Craig Roberts on Aug-14-2019 04:23
Hello Peter,

I am adding 10x ema indicators to a finance chart. Is there a way to stop the indicators from adding the header information, as 10x indicators reduce the chart space, and I do not need to see them.


  Re: finance chart indicator header
Posted by Peter Kwan on Aug-15-2019 03:39
Hi Craig,

By "header information", I assume you are referring to the text that appears at the top of the FinanceChart. They are the legend box entries.

When you add an EMA indicator, it will return a LineLayer object. You can use it to set the "data name" of the line to an empty string. In this way, the legend box entry will not appear. For example:

// Add a 20 period EMA to the main chart
LineLayer layer = c.addExpMovingAvg(20, 0x9900ff);

// Set the data name to an empty string to disable the legend entry

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan