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  Border Style of ViewPort
Posted by takeshi on Oct-06-2019 14:31
Hi Peter,

Hope you are doing well.

Please allow me to ask:

(1) How to amend border line width and color of the covered time range within the viewport?

(2) How to customize, such as adding a small square at both ends to make the border line more prominent as compared to the underlying chart?

Thank you for your time in advance and I hope to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

  Re: Border Style of ViewPort
Posted by takeshi on Oct-06-2019 14:34
Please find the attachment for your reference.
Thank you.

  Re: Border Style of ViewPort
Posted by Peter Kwan on Oct-07-2019 03:27
Hi takeshi,

You can use the following API to change the viewport border width and color:

The built-in border is always a line. If you need to add some rectangle on it, the only method is to use your own code to put the rectangle on the border. There are several methods. For example, you may create two small MFC controls and put it over the border. When the viewport moves, you would need to remember to move the controls as well. Another method is to try to override the OnPaint event handler and add your own code to draw the rectangles on top of the border.

Peter Kwan

  Re: Border Style of ViewPort
Posted by takeshi on Oct-13-2019 20:15
Hi Peter,

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards,

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