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  Problem loading many charts.(ASP)
Posted by Mattias Wardell on Oct-23-2019 21:54

I have an issue when I´m loading a lot of charts 100+,  after  around 80+ charts the missing image icon is starting to show. But if I right-click the image and select show image it will show the correct image.
I´ve tried different browsers and all are showing the same result.
If I run the webpage and use the Call c.makeChart function to create the files I notice that Chartdirector does not create the files that are missing.

Thank you,


  Re: Problem loading many charts.(ASP)
Posted by Peter Kwan on Oct-23-2019 23:38
Hi Mattias,

In your web page, it seems the browser is sending 100+ HTTP requests to the server, one for each chart image.

First, please check if the server does receive and handles the 100+ HTTP requests. In your server, there should be a server log file. Please check if it receives all the requests and handle them.

If your server computer is not running "windows server" (I mean something like Windows Server 2016 instead of windows 10), there is a possibility that the IIS runs out of connections. It is because the number of incoming IIS connections can be quite limited for desktop editions of Windows. If your code uses a database, there is also the possibility of limited database connections.

For debugging, in addition to c.makeChart, you may create a text file at the start of your script, like:

set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set fname=fs.CreateTextFile("...some_unique_file_name...", true)

Please check if the above file is created for the missing charts. If the above file is not created, there is a possibility that the entire script is not executed by IIS at all.

If you find some errors in the log file, please let me know what are the errors.

Peter Kwan

  Re: Problem loading many charts.(ASP)
Posted by Peter Kwan on Oct-23-2019 23:40
Hi Mattias,

I forgot to mention that I am assuming you are using classical ASP/VBScript (as opposed to ASP.NET).

Another thing I forgot to ask is whether your code is using session variables (that is, do the chart has tooltips)?

Peter Kwan

  Re: Problem loading many charts.(ASP)
Posted by Mattias Wärdell on Oct-24-2019 14:17
Hi Peter,

Thank you for a great product and great support.
I will check all of the above.
But I use Session variables and classic .asp.
I have a previous webpage that load all the variables into a Session variable, the thing is that all the small diagrams are loaded one-by-one on that page and they all work with the same request. But when I try to load them all att once there is an issue.
I´m not sure that it has something to do with Chartdirector rather then a security issue because when I run the page locally on webserver it works but I´ve tried everything now so I had ask you.

But I´ve been looking for a way to log events from Chartdirector so this i very helpful.

I will check everything.

Thank you again.


  Re: Problem loading many charts.(ASP)
Posted by Mattias Wärdell on Oct-24-2019 15:45
Thank you again for your support, I just wanted to confirm that you where correct. Someone had been tampering with the Http request limits, it was set to 100, when I changed this it started working again perfectly.

I hope I did not take to much of your time.

Have a great day.


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