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  Does Chart Director work for iPad/iPhone?
Posted by tallhill on Feb-05-2020 13:59

  Re: Does Chart Director work for iPad/iPhone?
Posted by Peter Kwan on Feb-06-2020 04:32
Hi tallhill,

Currently, we only have an unsupported version of ChartDirector for IOS. The ChartDirector for C++ for iOS can display all the ChartDirector chart types just like other ChartDirector editions. However, it lacks user interaction support, such as pop up tool-tips, clickable hot spots, drag to zoom/scroll, and programmable track cursor. Also, it lacks documentation specific to iOS. Basically, you would need to use the C++ documentaton.

The ChartDirector for iOS and its examples are released as an XCode project as follows. You can download it, and then use XCode and compile and try the examples:

Peter Kwan