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  Polar chart
Posted by umber on Feb-17-2020 18:34
I use the polar Chart and it's works ok.
The Center has Always the value 0. I Need a polar diagram, which works also with negativ value.

Example: a rundout error has a min -40 and a max. 50.

It's possible that I can give the Center a -50, so that i can see the complet runout??

Thanks for the assistance.

Best regards Umber

  Re: Polar chart
Posted by Peter Kwan on Feb-17-2020 22:59
Hi umber,

You can use Axis.setLinearScale to control the radial axis scale. For example:

// In C++ - from -50 to 50, with one label per 10 units
c->radialAxis()->setLinearScale(-50, 50, 10);

// In C#/Java - from -50 to 50, with one label per 10 units
c.radialAxis().setLinearScale(-50, 50, 10);

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan