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  Redraw clears Tracker Curor info
Posted by Chuck on Mar-23-2020 19:14

Hi Peter,

I have successfully created a live chart where the Chart is updated via market Ticks to my OHLC Chart in real-time...

Now when I use the Tracker Cursor to see the OHLCV info of the Bar, each Tick update I do CLEARS the Tracker Cursor info requiring me to move the mouse back over the Bar to refresh the cursor info... this only works during a slow market, during a fast market the updates occur so frequently the cursor is unusable,

Do you have a VB.Net example that solves this problem?

I’ve had to do a Redraw on the Chart to get the Bar to visually update... maybe I am calling the wrong redraw, where it is also clearing the cursor info. Is there a way to update on,y the Bars and leave the cursor info alone?

Your expert help is always appreciated.

Thank you,

  Re: Redraw clears Tracker Curor info
Posted by Peter Kwan on Mar-24-2020 00:31
Hi Chuck,

You may refer to the "Real Time Chart with Zooming and Scrolling" sample code for an example. In this example, there is a track cursor, and it does not disappear when the chart redraws due to a real time update.

The key is to draw the track cursor during real time update, as well as on MouseMovePlotArea. The above example illustrates how to do this without duplicated drawing of the track cursor.

Peter Kwan

  Re: Redraw clears Tracker Curor info
Posted by Chuck on Mar-24-2020 00:39
Thank you Peter for your prompt and detailed reply! I will review.