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  Removing gap in Y axis
Posted by Bill on Jul-12-2020 17:40
Hi Peter,
   Let me know how to remove the gap in Y axis. Im using
Thanks in advance


  Re: Removing gap in Y axis
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jul-14-2020 00:11
Hi Bill,

If you are creating an XYChart, ChartDirector will not automatically leave a gap in the y-axis. Is it possible you add the gap yourself with Axis.setMargin? If this is the case, please remove the margin.

If you are using a FinanceChart object, it will reserve a gap by default for the legend box. The gap is there even if you do not have a legend box. To disable the gap, please call Axis.setMargin for the y-axis to set the margin to 0.

If you need further help, is it possible to provide the charting part of your code, so I can know how your chart is configured?

Peter Kwan