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  Compiler support
Posted by Luigi on Jul-24-2020 02:20
Can ChartDirector C++ be used with Embarcadero RAD Studio C++?


  Re: Compiler support
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jul-24-2020 13:46
Hi Luigi,

We have not tried to use "Embarcadero RAD Studio C++" ourselves. I remembered we have customers that are using ChartDirector with Borland C++ Builder. (I believe Embarcadero acquired Borland, and the Borland C++ Builder becomes Embarcadero RAD Studio C++.)

ChartDirector is designed to be very standardized, and in theory, it should work with all C++ compilers. From past experience with Borland C++, there can be two small issues, not related to the linker or some Borland library.

(a) ChartDirector is implemented as chartdir??.dll. To link to a DLL, the linker needs an  import library. The import library chartdir??.lib that comes with ChartDirector can be used with Visual Studio. For other compilers/linkers, you may need to generate the import library using the utilities that comes with the compiler/linker. For Embarcadero RAD Studio C++, it is called implib.exe.


I think it should be something like:

implib -a chartdir60.lib chartdir60.dll

(b) One of our customers reported there are symbol conflicts for the Mark class. It means ChartDirector has a Mark class, but another library also contains a Mark class.
To solve this problem, sometimes you just need to re-order the header files or to include a namespace. See:

Peter Kwan