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  Line drawing question in FinanceChart.
Posted by eaglescv on Aug-03-2020 01:00
I am trying to draw a line in FinanceChart and I want to draw based on the high or low data of the candle.

FinanceChart m(width);
m.addLine( highdata[200].pixel.x, highdata[200].pixel.y, highdata[200].pixel.x + 100, highdata[200].pixel.y);

I want to get the pixel position of the candle's(array random access index) high or low data.
What should I do? help me plz..

  Re: Line drawing question in FinanceChart.
Posted by Peter Kwan on Aug-03-2020 20:28
Hi eaglescv,

The BaseChart.addLine uses pixel coordinates. Instead of using BaseChart.addLine, you may consider to use Axis.addMark with xZoneColor, which uses data values instead of pixel coordinates. It is like (in C++):

FinanceChart m(width);


// Add the main price chart
XYChart *c = m.addMainChart(.....);


// Blue color between index = 200 to 210, transparent outside this range.
// (extraPoints is the same extraPoints parameter used in FinanceChart.setData)
int lineColor = c->xZoneColor(200 - extraPoints, Chart::Transparent, c->xZoneColor(210 - extraPoints, 0x0000ff, Chart::Transparent));

// Add the line
c->yAxis()->addMark(highData[200], lineColor)->setLineWidth(2);

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan