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  Opacity of Zones
Posted by Ryan Gray on Sep-02-2020 09:27
Hi, is there a way to adjust the opacity of a zone on a chart? For example when working with a scatter chart I can adjust the opacity of a data point by prefixing the hex code with a percentage like: 0x7044d00a. So the 70 corresponds to 70 percent solid. When I do this when adding a zone: chart.yAxis().addZone(1, 2, 0x7044d00a) there is no effect on the opacity/transparency. Is there any workaround for this?

  Re: Opacity of Zones
Posted by Peter Kwan on Sep-02-2020 14:25
Hi Ryan,

The zone should be transparent if the color 0x7044d00a.

I have attached a chart modified from the "Mark and Zones (2)" sample code included in ChartDirector. I changed it to use a semi-transparent zone color, and use a stronger horizontal bands as the plot area background. You can see that the zone is transparent, as you can see the background through the zone.

If the above still does not solve the problem, is it possible to attach an image of your chart? If you draw a zone on a plain color background, even if the zone is transparent, you may not feel it is transparent because there is nothing in the background. For example, a semi-transparent zone on a white background looks the same as a non-transparent grey zone. If the background has some variation, you can easily see that the zone is in fact transparent.

Peter Kwan