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  Getting Color from Line
Posted by Aidan on Oct-13-2020 20:13
Sure this must be simple, but I can't get it to work!

I want to text boxes on to a multi-line chart, and give them the same font color as the line they relate to.  ie, this but with a dynamic color instead of red:

  $dataSetObj = $layer->addDataSet($ydata, -1, "$line1[1]");
  $textbox = $c->addText($x_max,$y_max,"$line1[1]");

I've tried this and several variations, but I think I'm missing something basic!:


  Re: Getting Color from Line
Posted by Peter Kwan on Oct-14-2020 10:47
Hi Aidan,

To ensure things are of the same color, the best method is to specify the color for both the line and the text, as opposed to letting ChartDirector automatically assign the color. It is like:

If the color is set to -1 for the line, when the line is actually drawn, ChartDirector will assign a color from the data color list in the color palette. See:

The colors will then be denoted as DataColor + 0, DataColor + 1, DataColor + 2, ....

In this case, to get the color, you have to know which index the line is. For example, if the line is the first line in the chart, it is :

#Assume this is the first line
$dataSetObj = $layer->addDataSet($ydata, -1, "$line1[1]");

#The text color is then:
$textbox->setFontcolor(DataColor + 0);

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan

  Re: Getting Color from Line
Posted by Aidan on Oct-15-2020 18:23
Brilliant, thanks Peter, that's just what I needed!