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  Chart director image not displaying in Microsoft Edge
Posted by Radhika on Dec-15-2020 05:41

We use chart director to create charts and these are used in our ASP code.
The ASP code is used as a embedded image in our OBIEE reports. ( Oracle Business Intelligence). These are working fine in IE. Our organization decided to move away from IE and start using Microsoft Edge as organization wide browser.
When we started testing these embedded chart images do not display in Edge. Is there anything special mechanism need here ?  We are seeing a blank space in place of charts in Microsoft Edge whereas these works fine in IE.
Any help is appreciated.


  Re: Chart director image not displaying in Microsoft Edge
Posted by Peter Kwan on Dec-15-2020 18:14
Hi Radhika,

The chart is just an image to the browser, similar to a normal PNG or JPG image. If the image is not displayed, normally it is because the web page has some design that behaves different in Edge. For example, the web page may use some Javascript that behaves differently in Edge, or it may rely on cookies, etc..

To trouble-shoot the problem, the first step is to try the sample code that comes with ChartDirector. Please copy the ChartDirector/aspdemo folder to your web site, then access and try the sample code. If the charts in the sample code can be displayed, it can confirm the charts produced by ChartDirector can be displayed on the Edge browser.

To further diagnose the problem, please inform me how the chart is "embedded" in the web page. and exactly what is the "blank space" you see.

In the simplest case, the chart is embedded by using an <IMG> tag, like:

<IMG SRC="simplebar.asp">

If there is an error in the charting script "simplebar.asp", the browser should display a "broken image symbol" (something like a small box with a "X" inside). Do you see the browser image symbol or nothing at all? If you see nothing at all, can you right click on the "blank space" and select "Save Picture As"? If you can, please save the "blank space" as a file to attach it to your post so I can examine it.

In both IE and Edge, you can right click on the image and blank space and select "Inspect Element" to determine how the image is represented in the web page (eg. as an <IMG> tag or as something else).

In both IE and Edge, you can press F12 to bring up the developer tool window. Please look at the "Network" tab when you press the "Reload" button to reload the web page. It should list out all the URL the web page is trying to load. One of the URL should be the chart image. Please check if there is any error in loading the chart image. If the Edge does not even have the chart image URL, you may need to examine the web page code to see why the <IMG> tag is not included in the web page.

In IE, you can click "Settings/File/Save As" and save the entire web page as a web archive. You can send it to me at so I can analyze the structure of the web page. Unluckily, Edge cannot save a web page, so I am unable to know what the Edge browser sees. May be you can try to print the Edge web page as a PDF and email to me.

Peter Kwan

  Re: Chart director image not displaying in Microsoft Edge
Posted by Radhika on Dec-16-2020 13:15
Hi Peter,

Appreciate your quick reply. I did not try the sample code, but I tried the actual code in Edge browser and it's working.
It's not working as Embedded content, because of HTTPS and HTTP.
Our URL starts with HTTP as this is internal. Looks like the OBIEE reports embedded content needs HTTPS URL.
Need to do more search how to change ASP URL's to HTTPS.

Thank you,