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  yAxis label color of FinanceChart
Posted by Shenggang Zhang on Dec-17-2020 13:14
The problem is when drawing yAxis of financechart, I have to show red color of upper value, else green color.
How to do that? Could you give me some code snippet?
The attachment png file is a sample.

  Re: yAxis label color of FinanceChart
Posted by Peter Kwan on Dec-17-2020 16:53
Hi Shenggang,

As I do not know which programming language you are using, I will use C#/Java in the followings. If you need me to translate the code to another programming language, please let me know.

For the FinanceChart, there are many y-axes (one of the main price chart, and one for each indicator charts). The y=axis labels normally are automatically determined by ChartDirector, although you can also use Axis.setLinearScale to specify the scale and labels.

One method to achieve the coloring is as follows;

FinanceChart c = new FinanceChart(....);
.... some code to configure the financial chart ....

// Add the main price chart
XYChart m = c.addMainChart(......);

// Assume you want to configure the y-axis in the main price chart
Axis yAxis = m.yAxis();

int labelColor = m.yZoneColor(336.2, 0x00cc00, 0xee0000);
yAxis.setLabelStyle("normal", 8, labelColor);

// Use a special text color (0xffffff) and grid line color (0xcc0000) for the label 336.2
yAxis.addMark(336.2, -1, "336.2").setMarkColor(0xcc0000, 0xffffff, 0xcc0000);

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan