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  Legend box with lables
Posted by al072 on Jan-04-2021 00:08
Hi Peter/ i wish you Happy New Year!!!

I am using MFC C++ Chart Director 6.0 library. I can successfully run the example "Surface Wireframe", and one thing i want to know how to add legend box with colored lables with data points to this example. I want the double dataZ[] to be shown in that legend box.

Thank you very much, and hope you can post a litle code example!!!

  Re: Legend box with lables
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jan-05-2021 03:05
Hi al072,

I am not sure exactly the style of the legend box you want. The following are two common styles:

(a) The color scale that looks like a vertical or horizontal bar

(b) Individual icons for the data ranges.

If the above is not what you want, is it possible to create a simple example (eg, using Windows paint) to help me understand what you want?

Peter Kwan

  Re: Legend box with lables
Posted by al072 on Jan-05-2021 03:51
Peter, thank you very much for a quick reply! The second link is really what i wish to find out...

Thank you one more time!!!