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  ARM processor support (specifically AWS Graviton) for PHP ChartDirector?
Posted by Jason on Feb-21-2021 05:27

Been using the PHP version of CD for a long while now and have recently deployed our systems onto AWS.

It works great and exactly as expected on x86 version of Amazon Linux 2 (and I'm sure it also works great on other distros as well.)

However, it'd be real nice if it could made to work on AWS's ARM processors, as those are cheaper and faster.

I actually tried this. Predictably, the DLL provided doesn't seem to work as I assume it was compiled for x86 architecture.

Besides CD, the rest of our application runs so much snappier even using cheaper instance

Any chance of a recompile to add support for AWS ARM Graviton processors?

  Re: ARM processor support (specifically AWS Graviton) for PHP ChartDirector?
Posted by Peter Kwan on Feb-21-2021 14:46
Hi Jason,

There are in fact special unsupported builds of ChartDirector for ARM. See:

Would you mind to confirm which type of OS architecture your host is using? The PHP build above is using the armhf architecture, but I suspect Amazon is using some type of Linux arm64 architecture. If this is the case, we would need to build one for Linux arm64 PHP for your case. Please also inform me the Linux type and PHP version you are using.

The key issues for ARM is that the company that design ARM does not produce a CPU. It only licenses its reference design to other companies, who can modify the design in various ways. They are often require custom Linux distributions to run. We have customers using ARM computers as small as a postal stamp to as large as a regular server. So it is hard to perform compatibility test for ARM release.

Anyway, from experience, we found our build quite compatible with most ARM devices so long as the OS architecture matches.

Peter Kwan