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  General Questions
Posted by Praveen Ramanna on Mar-16-2021 17:45
I am looking to purchase the product for one of my project and here are few questions

1. How many Y axis does the XYChart control supports? I am looking for a min of 4 Y axis.
2. How many Line Layer does the XYChart support, I am looking for 4 line layer.

License Details
1. If I purchase a single developer license, that would hold good for my deployment too?
2. Does a single developer license include all the chart types mentioned in for WPF

  Re: General Questions
Posted by Peter Kwan on Mar-17-2021 00:01
Hi Praveen,

There is no hard coded limit on the number of layers or y-axis.

For layers, I often see charts with over 1000 layers. For y-axis, the maximum I have seen in real application is around 10 axes, but I think even if you use 1000 axis it would work normally.

Is this sufficient for your application?

Peter Kwan