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  Perl 5.32
Posted by Jacques Germishuys on Apr-15-2021 22:01

Could you make versions available for perl 5.32 for linux, freebsd and macos please? The windows ones seem to be there.

Thank you

  Re: Perl 5.32
Posted by Peter Kwan on Apr-16-2021 13:47
Hi Jacques,

Have you tried if the current version on our web site supports Perl 5.32?

As far as we know, the API for Perl 5.32 and Perl 5.30 are identical. The download on our web site will use the for Perl 5.32, and it should work. They work normally in our test machines.

Dynamic loading works differently on Windows and Linux/FreeBSD/macOS like OS. In Perl 5.30, the Perl DLL is perl530.dll, and in Perl 5.32 it is perl532.dll. So we need to recompile our code to link the the new Perl DLL filename, even though nothing else has changed other than the filename. On Linux/FreeBSD/macOS, this is not necessary. The Linux/FreeBSD/macOS dynamic linker will link perlchartdir*.so to the shared objects the host executable has loaded at runtime, regardless of their filenames.

For Perl 5.32, the Windows version of "" will load the "perlchartdir532*.dll", while the Linux/FreeBSD/macOS version will load the "perlchartdir530*.so". If you use the Windows version of "" on LInux/FreeBSD/macOS, it will complain that "perlchartdir532*.so" is missing. In this case, please copy or make a symbolic link from "perlchartdir530*.so" to "perlchartdir532*.so".

Peter Kwan

  Re: Perl 5.32
Posted by Jacques Germishuys on Apr-16-2021 14:32
Hi Peter,

I noticed that the 5.32 so files were missing hence this message. Thank you for the explanation, I'll try the 5.30 so files.

Best regards