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  Vector in trackBoxLegend
Posted by Olya on Oct-26-2021 21:10
Hello. Help me please. I am adding a VectorLayer to the diagram. I need the direction of the arrow to be displayed in the trackBoxLegend, not the Y coordinate value. How to do it?

  Re: Vector in trackBoxLegend
Posted by Peter Kwan on Oct-27-2021 13:50
Hi Olya,

Are you writing a desktop or web application?

If it is a desktop application, you can always look up the angle value from your data arrays. All the data in the chart come from your code, so your code should already have all the angles. What is needed from ChartDirector is the array index under the mouse. In trackBoxLegend, it is the xIndex variable.

If it is a web application, you would need to transfer the angles array to the browser side as a Javascript array. You can then use the array index to obtain the angle value. If you need more information on how to transfer an array in your programming language to a  Javascript array, please let me know which programming language you are using.

Peter Kwan