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  How can i move name position
Posted by Tony on Nov-18-2021 16:07

How can i move wave name position?
Please refer to the attached picture.

  Re: How can i move name position
Posted by Peter Kwan on Nov-19-2021 00:39
Hi Tony,

The legend items are added to the chart with BaseChart.addLegend. I am not sure what is your programming language, so I will use C#/Java as an example.

Normally, your code will contain a line that calls addLegend, like:

c.addLegend(50, 30, ......);

The first two numbers (50, 30) specifies the (x, y) position of the top-left corner of the legend box. To move the legend box to the right, you may use a larger x coordinate, like:

c.addLegend(100, 30, ......);

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan