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  remove stats on top of finance chart
Posted by reddy on Nov-28-2021 09:27
Hello Peter,

In a finance chart, how do i remove the highlighted portion such as open, close, high low etc.

  Re: remove stats on top of finance chart
Posted by Peter Kwan on Nov-29-2021 20:42
Hi Reddy,

In ChartDirector, everything that has a configurable color can be hidden by setting the color to transparent. For FinanceChart, the API to configure the legend box color is FinanceChart.setLegendStyle. In C#, it is like:

// Disable the legend box
c.setLegendStyle("normal", 8, Chart.Transparent, Chart.Transparent);

We use this API in the "Finance Chart Track Line" sample code to disable the default legend, so that we can add a dynamically generated legend that follows the mouse in its place.

Peter Kwan