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  export PDF
Posted by Lele76 on Dec-13-2021 23:28
Hello everyone,
is there a function to export the charts to a pdf file? probably the question is silly, but I am not yet familiar with the product as I am considering the purchase.
thank you

  Re: export PDF
Posted by Peter Kwan on Dec-14-2021 02:31
Hi Lele76,

Yes. The simplest method is to use BaseChart.makeChart to save the chart as a PDF file. The exact code depends on your programming language. (There are many programming language editions of ChartDirector.) In C#/Java, it is like:

// assume "c" is the chart object
// save the chart as PDF

There are also several examples included in ChartDirector that demonstrates saving the chart as PDF or even creating a simple PDF report. For example, the followings are examples included in ChartDirector for .NET,

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan