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Posted by Luiz on Dec-22-2021 01:22
Hi Peter, could you tell me if it exists and where can I download VBNetWPFCharts?


  Re: VBNetWPFCharts
Posted by Peter Kwan on Dec-23-2021 15:48
Hi Luiz,

ChartDirector is CLR compliant, which means it can work with all CLR compliant programming languages supported by .NET, including VB, C# and many other .NET programming languages.

.NET also has many programming frameworks for .NET Framework and .NET Core, including Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET Core, etc.. Currently we provide sample code for 8 different frameworks.

Unluckily, we are unable to port all our sample code (currently generating a few hundred chart samples) to all the programming languages for all the frameworks. There are too many combinations. In particular, for WPF, we only have C# sample code. If you need to use other programming languages, you may need to port the sample code yourself.

For WPF, no matter which programming language you are using, the layout is always in the XAML language. So the XAML layout in the sample code can be reused for other programming language. The charting code is almost the same as that in the Windows Forms sample code, except the WinChartViewer is replaced with the WPFChartViewer. So it should not be difficult to port the code from the WinChartViewer sample code.

Peter Kwan