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  Scatter XY points connected with line?
Posted by achar on Jan-11-2022 17:07

I just bought the product and while browsing the sample code I cannot find an easy way to produce XY scatter data connected with a line, just like Excel. Do I have to manually add lines between points in the scatter plot? I do not want to miss something obvious here.


  Re: Scatter XY points connected with line?
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jan-11-2022 19:43
Hi achar,

The followings are some examples. (The followings are .NET examples. They are available in other programming language editions of ChartDirector as well.)

In brief, the code is like:

LineLayer layer0 = c.addLineLayer2();
layer0.addDataSet(data0Y, 0xff0000, "Quantum Computer").setDataSymbol(
    Chart.GlassSphere2Shape, 11);

Hope this can help.

Peter Kwan