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  Cannot draw circle with XYchart
Posted by Michele on Apr-23-2022 21:58
I am using OSX 12.2 and ChartDirector 7. I created an XYchart in a C++ code with

XYChart *chart;
chart = new XYChart(width_chart, height_chart);

and then plotted a set of scattered data in the chart. So far, everything works. Now I would like to draw an spline with addSplineLayer (

However, the first argument of addSplineLayer is said to be 'An array of numbers representing the data set'. Instead of an array of numbers, I would need to enter an array of pairs of numbers, where each pair (x,y) is the given by abscissa and ordinate of the n-th point through which the spline will pass.

How may I plot an spline given an array of pairs (x,y) ?

Thank you for your help

  Re: Cannot draw circle with XYchart
Posted by Michele on Apr-24-2022 00:30
I am sorry, this post has obviously the wrong title

  Re: Cannot draw circle with XYchart
Posted by Peter Kwan on Apr-24-2022 17:42
Hi Michele,

You can plot a spline layer (or any other XY layers in ChartDirector) by provide an array for the x-coordinates and an array for the y coordinates. It is like:

SplineLayer *layer = c->addSplineLayer(DoubleArray(yDataPtr, yDataCount), ....);
layer->setXData(DoubleArray(xDataPtr, xDataCount));

The following is an example. It uses addLineLayer, but the same code works with addSplineLayer too:

Best Regards
Peter Kwan