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  Product Idea
Posted by Sean Laks on Jun-24-2022 19:48
Hi Peter,

   I have an idea for ChartDirector and wanted to run it by you and get your thoughts.

   Even though this product is intended for developers, the challenge in creating more than a plain vanilla chart is the number of options (class methods, attributes) one has to set. I see this similar to various options one has to set in - say Excel, to customize a chart.

   Having said that, would it be viable to have a "ChartBuilder" GUI where a user (technical or non-technical) can create a chart similar to chart creation with Excel and the ChartBUilder will generate the code. This can be then passed to the developers who can fine tune/customize further.

   This way the business folks get to "design" the chart and reduces the back and forth between the 2 teams. I am not sure if there are other charting software that have this feature.

   A good parallel can be this product that helps users design surveys on the fly

   When we used to design surveys, business would come to IT and there was lot of back and forth. With the above product, business can do most of the work and the IT can take the source code and then host it on servers and do further maintenance/enhancements.

   Looking forward to your comments