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  Divide chart and cut labels in halfs
Posted by Medic89 on Jun-25-2022 21:09
Hello Peter,

I have a chart in my pdf report, which is divided in two parts, part one on page 1 and part two on page two, each part covers 1 hour and 30 minute on its Y axis. My problem is, each data point has a data label, that can be quite wide, so if I have a datapoint at 01:29 (so 1 minute before part one ends), I want my data label to be displayed right to the end of part one, and everything, that exceeds the end of part two, should be displaxyed at the beginning of part two (please see an example attached to this post). Do you have an idea, how to make this possible?

My screenshot shows the situation right now, the "500" goes beyond the border of part one, but I'd like to have the exceeding part of "500" cut off and transfered to part two.
Screenshot 2022-06-25 150630.png

  Re: Divide chart and cut labels in halfs
Posted by Medic89 on Jun-25-2022 21:49

My first approach was to shorten the label text by one character until the label fits on part one, and then I transfer the rest of the label to part two. However, some labels contain just one charakter (eg an arrow), so in this case, this method doesn't work, I really would like to grafically cut the label into two parts if possible.