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  ChartDirector V7.0 vs 6.x
Posted by Sean Laks on Jul-01-2022 18:32

   I downloaded v7 on my machine and ran the following sample code (from your lib) for a donut chart.

Note: Only a subsection of the entire code pasted here

PieChart c = new PieChart(600, 320, Chart.brushedSilverColor(), Chart.Transparent, 2);
c.setRoundedFrame(0xffffff, 20);

// Add a title using 18pt Times New Roman Bold Italic font. #Set top/bottom margins to 8 pixels.
TextBox title = c.addTitle("Donut Chart Demonstration", "Times New Roman Bold Italic", 18);
title.setMargin2(0, 0, 8, 8);

// Add a 2 pixels wide separator line just under the title
c.addLine(10, title.getHeight(), c.getWidth() - 11, title.getHeight(), Chart.LineColor, 2);

// Set donut center at (160, 175), and outer/inner radii as 110/55 pixels
c.setDonutSize(160, 175, 110, 55);

// Set the pie data and the pie labels
c.setData(data, labels);

// Use ring shading effect for the sectors


I invoke makeChart2(5) to get an SVG o/p. I then simply convert that into string as follows:(ignore syntax please)

byte[] bytearray = c.makeChart2(5)
String svgstring = new String(bytearray)

svgstring now has proper HTML tags and data that can be inserted as is into a HTML file and chart rendered FINE



When I run this SAME code using v6.x (@ my work, licensed copy), 2 issues arise.

  1) Chart.brushedSilverColor() parameter, adding a line separator and Ringshading is being flagged as unrecognized

  2) the chart output var svgstring now contains funky symbols (same code works in v7)

What am I missing here?


  Re: ChartDirector V7.0 vs 6.x
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jul-01-2022 22:25
Hi Sean Laks,

Is it possible your ChartDirector is of an older version (like version 4) instead of version 6?

Please try the following code:

PieChart c = new PieChart(600, 320);
c.addTitle("CD Version = " + Integer.toHexString(Chart.getVersion()));

The above will create an empty with the ChartDirector version displayed on the chart title. The chart will be saved as a PNG image at "/path/to/aaa.png".

ChartDirector version 4 does not have brushedSilverColor, RingShading and does not support SVG. The Chart.SVG is not defined. If you try to output with parameter 5 (which is the Chart.SVG if it exists), ChartDirector version 4 will just output the chart in the default format, which is PNG.

ChartDirector version 6 should support all of the above.

Best Regards
Peter Kwan

  Re: ChartDirector V7.0 vs 6.x
Posted by sean laks on Jul-02-2022 02:03

  I am all good. I was using VEr 4. I found Ver 7 in our internal artifactory.