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  ChartDirector and Microsoft Maui
Posted by Chris Houghton on Jul-16-2022 00:39

We are using ChartDirector in WinForms and WPF applications.  Are there any challenges to using ChartDirector in a Maui application?


  Re: ChartDirector and Microsoft Maui
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jul-19-2022 22:13
Hi Chris,

From my understanding, MAUI is not officially released yet.

MAUI is a new framework. It is not exactly compatible with the .NET Framework. In particular, it does not have the "System.Drawing" namespace, which ChartDirector uses to draw and measure text. So we do not expect the current version of ChartDirector will work on MAUI. We probably need to rewrite our code to use the MAUI API and port all the ChartDirector controls to the MAUI framework.

Peter Kwan